Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cough up cancer money!

"Tissue timing is crucial when you have a runny nose and no nostril hair."

This is what my best friend just said to me. Funny, yes. The fact that she has to have chemo and it makes all her hair fall out- not funny.

Please, please please donate some money. The more money we raise, the more research can be done and the closer we are to a cure so that nobody else has to go through this.

Sure nostril hair can be unsightly, but losing it should be a thing of choice dammit.

Here is the link- the thought of me of all people attempting a 4km run is funny enough, the fact that I'm actually going to post pictures of my humiliation is even better. Worth $5 surely?


  1. I don't know you or your friend, but I wish her the best of luck. My prayers are with her. =]

  2. I wish your friend blessings. Best of luck with the run.

  3. I wish you luck on your quest to help out with curing cancer. And to wish your friend the best of luck <3

  4. Thank you all for your well wishes, and thank you to new reader Mom Seeks Life who kindly donated to the cause. I'll definitely have to survive the run now won't I?!