Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yes, it is another shoe post from me.

Lets talk flats, I need some serious help. Until pregnancy & motherhood, I was a high heel kind of girl. Day and night I really just wore heels. Being short, unless you are Eva Longoria Parker then you have to wear heels or you look stumpy and squat.

Anyway these days I really need to wear flats, pushing a pram or chasing a toddler doesn't quite work with heels. I'm a big fan of ballet flats but they don't work with a lot of dresses and skirts. I like my pretty sandals but they only work with summery dresses and skirts.

So for those that wear flats, what would you suggest I wear with, say this dress here:

It is the classic DVF wrap, this print is Boko sort of a charcoal/purple/grey mix. Because I am not tall the flounce ends below the knee. If I wear ballet flats my calves look about 1 inch long. Sandals don't work because it looks like a wintery dress.

I wonder what Lorelai wore on her feet with this dress, probably heels.

I love my DVF wrap dresses, but now I have to wear flats I am struggling with footwear. The Boko is really pretty but I'm not able to wear it, it hangs limply in my wardrobe.


  1. That's a tough one. I'll be interested to hear what feedback you get.

    I think if you took the dress up a little, to just above the knee - beautiful ballet flats would then become acceptable.

    Boots would be too heavy, do you think? I know it's too hot for them now anyway.

  2. I love that dress, but I'm pretty sure Lorelai was a heels girl too. I have the same problem. I have a heel fetish, and I'm short, so I hate flats. But I have to wear them at the moment, becuase of the state of my back.

    Will be interested to see what people say.

  3. Lorelai is a heels and boots gal .. she may have even wore boots with that dress in that ep!

    I agree with Telle - maybe hem the dress up a little?

  4. what about flats with a strap across the foot - ie. mary jane style?
    I thought boots would look ok...

  5. Flat boots look a bit heavy unfortunately, I tried that first. The picture is a bit small but there is actually a flounce at the bottom so it can't be hemmed or it would be all off balance if you know what I mean. Hmm... Mary Jane style I *think* may have the same problem as ballet flat- ie the stumpy leg syndrome.
    Maybe I should just suck it up and try pushing the pram down the road in heels!

  6. I have no advice, I love dresses but my legs don't.
    I love the Gilmore girls though, and want to live in Stars Hollow! She always wore heals and boots, and seemed to walk around in ease. (You can see me coming for miles in heels).
    Mmmm thats what i'll do tonight - watch my box set of Gilmore girls.

  7. I love that dress and I love Gilmore Girls. Kahlee I think you are right. I think Lorelai was wearing high heeled boots with this dress.

    I agree Carolyn, Flat boots would be a No No in fact any flat shoe would be a No No with that dress. However, a kitten Heel,would be perfect. Something like this...

    I find kitten heels easier to walk in then a stiletto heel whilst pushing a pram. It still gives you lengthening of the legs with a slightlier comfy feel.

    If you are not wanting something that is opened toe (especially with winter coming on), I would go with something like this

    Boot.. something like this

    I hope you find something.

  8. Nope, forget flats, it just won't work with that dress, especially not if you're short. Look for STABLE wedges or heeled MaryJanes. The trick is to have a flat shock-absorbent sole and a large heel. I'm not the most coordinated person but can walk in DrMartens wedges and Diva range NO PROBLEM. I can even take my 2 xtra-large enthusiastic dogs for a walk in them. or Warning, these are not petite, delicate shoes but they are super comfortable and will let you wear a heel when you thought it impossible! You can probably find a wedge in a more delicate form that will be do just as well.