Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Winner!

First thing this morning little Tinker and I had a chat with "Rocket" her frog puppet (I guess she named him after Rocket in the Fimbles. She is so clever my kid!)

We decided to put all the numbers into the puppet and Tinker chose the winner!

The third entrant is... Auntie Em! You won! You won! Please shoot me an email with your details so I can pass them onto Viv. You are going to love this prize. Thanks again to everyone who entered and a big thanks to you Viv for this great prize.

Please make sure you all check back on Monday morning because I have another fabulous giveaway. This time it is something really special for the littlest one in your life!

Have a great weekend.


  1. Anyway we can bribe the kid to pull our numbers?

  2. You could try, but then you'll still have to overcome the hurdle of her not being able to read yet so even if you did give her a chocolate and she agreed to pick your number she wouldn't know which one it was. Bugger!

    I just realised she pulled 4 last week and 3 this week! I wonder what next week will bring. Funny.

  3. I won!?!? Holy cow!!! I Won!!! Sweet! And this is the first prize this week that I actually get to enjoy... (I won a pair of tickets to see Keith Urban's sold out show in Memphis, TN this weekend but I live in Ut so that wasn't going to work) I'm so excited!!! Thank you Tinker!

  4. That looks like a Gymboree outift... my girls have little socks with that lamb on it - too cute!

  5. Yep Danielle it's one her favourite little PJ sets, she calls it the "baa baa peejay"

  6. Congratulations Auntie Em!! And a big thank you to everyone who left a lovely comment. They made me smile :)

    Viv xx

  7. hi Carolyn, did you see an ad for this weeks 60 minutes on sunday and they have a segment on the 'return of the proud housewife' sounds interesting and some you might want to see!! :-)Tina

  8. I did Tina, I must remember to watch it though I must say I find that programme rather painful. A bit like ACA.

  9. I suppose I should congratulate Auntie Em....but I just want to sulk.
    No, not really. Well, kind of.
    Can't wait for the next giveaway!
    Ooh, I loved the photos in this post of yours, Carolyn. Truly gorgeous.

  10. I want a chance to win something as do I enter thee amazing Tinker sweepstakes?