Friday, June 5, 2009


A quick post showing off my latest bad sewing experience. I know you are all just on the edges of your seats now knowing that another masterpiece from the couture house of Stepford Dreams is about to be revealed...

My friend Cathy who is incredibly talented and clever gifted me with a gorgeous sewing pattern for a pair of baby pyjamas from Oliver and S. I had been on the hunt for a kimono style PJ top pattern for a while and Cathy came to the rescue. She said it was such a great pattern ,really good for the beginner.

Shame I'm no ordinary beginner. I am someone who no matter what I do, just cannot sew. Yet here I am like the nerd that keeps asking you out on a date still making these "special" little sewing creations.

It took hours of yelling at the machine, ripping bits of paper, throwing scissors on the floor and generally acting like an ignorant bull in a china shop for me to complete the PJs for Tinker. Not to forget the countless emails and text messages sent to my Cathy and Theoretic Gal.

They are as wonky as all get out but the little bunny still wears them. God love her. Someone somewhere is looking down at my poor unfortunate child hoping that I lose a finger or have some other accident so I will never be able to make her any more clothes especially when she hits an age where it is so uncool to wear daggy mummymade stuff. Poor kid.

First the red hair now my sewing. Does she stand a chance in the playground?

Anyway here are some pics as promised and as you can see all T wanted to do was undo the snaps.


  1. Ok this is coming from a complete sewing spaz... I think they are great. In fact, I am inspired to dust off my poor ole machine and try and make some!

  2. Tinker does look so cute in these.
    Sorry carolyn is it the photo or is one leg shorter and thinner than the other. Don't worry I can't talk I can't sew to save myself either.

  3. Ha ha Oracle, no the pants tunred out perfectly but the top is a complete balls up! I think it is the lack of skill in the photography dept. letting the pants down. But the top of the top is a shocker!

  4. The top looks fine to me great in fact but then I am working off a photo. If it were me doing this the material would still be left in the drawer in which I would vow to get to one day.

  5. I think the jammies are lovely! Keep sewing!

  6. Being a sewing beginner myself, I am in awe of this creation. They look fine to me. What exactly is supposed to be wrong with the top?

    When I get a little bit ambitious, I might try to make one of these. BTW see you at the highland fling :)

  7. If you don't mind a complete stranger passing an opinion? Firstly, the jammies are just plain cute. No baby your daughter's age is going to care if they aren't perfect anyway. Secondly, by the time she DOES care you'll have had a lot more practice. Perhaps you could invite one of your sewing friends around and ply them with chocolate (or alcohol - whatever works) while they "help" you to learn.

  8. "pick me, pick me"

    I'll come round for a sewing-prac :-)

  9. Carolyn, they look fine, and as if Tinker knows or cares that they're not perfect at her age! I learnt to sew with kids clothes, because they didn't notice that it wasn't perfect.
    Oh, and a very important lesson to learn is that no one else will notice that tiny imperfection that drives you nuts.

  10. That doesn't look so bad! I have made a few absolute shockers that I still make the kids wear, they have lots of dodgy PJ pants but I figure nobody will notice how bad they are if they don't leave the house in them.

    I sew heaps at the moment and still yell at my sewing machine a lot. I finished a single bed quilt this morning and it was a total labour of love. I was sewing it up and thought to myself that I could try really hard to make it perfect and have a nervous breakdown in the process, or just go with the flow and end up with a wonky quilt... it is done and the quilt is wonky but I am learning not to care too much! Anyway, it is for Evie's future single bed and she will probably hate it and ask me for a Dora quilt- i say no way!!

  11. What stunning if woven in heaven!She's beautiful. Watch out world-this one's fiery!