Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Ejected from Senate

Ok so this news article has left me rather confused and I'm wondering if someone can explain it to me?

Not sure if I am missing the point, perhaps a Canberra reader gets it and will explain it to me!

Is it the case that Senator Hanson-Young had her 2 year old child with her in the senate chamber today when they just happened to be voting on a ban on junk food advertising on children's television, when she was removed from the chamber?

Is that what happened?

I don't get it. Does this senator take her baby to work every day or just when they are discussing issues affecting children?

Or is it just a coincidence?

I must confess I rarely keep up with political news. It's hard enough keeping up with which sandal brand Gwyneth chooses for Apple let alone what the pollies are up to in Canberra but this one caught my eye. What are your thoughts?

Was it a stunt?

Should parents be allowed to take their children into the senate chamber while it is in session?

Should we all be allowed to bring our kids into the office?

I suppose it would be like me bringing Tinker along to Saturday morning bail court. Comments?


  1. Hmmm. I have a friend who brings her Yorkie pups to work, does that count?

  2. Yeah I'm a bit confused too.
    I'm all for more family-friendly workplaces, but the Senator was trying to vote on an issue in Parliament. Like you said, it would be like someone having their child in a boardroom meeting, a courtroom, serving at the checkout or teaching in a classroom.
    Sure it's great that she works and has her child nearby, but it's just not realistic for normal people with regular jobs.

  3. I read this online this morning and didn't get it either! My first thought was - 'um, it's parliament, perhaps a child shouldn't be there?'

    Is it a Greens thing? I'm not sure.

    I know I wouldn't bring my daughter into a client presentation - I'd be interrupted 1,000 times at least.

  4. From what I can gather she was caught out and had 4 mins to get back in when the bell went. She had no other choice. Poor planning on her part.

  5. I didn’t get this either, most people can’t take their kids to work.