Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just shut up and smile

Beauty pageant entrants can't win. The poor dears. If they are not hounded for saying stupid things like this twit here they are hounded for actually having an opinion like this rightwinger.

While I might not share this girl's opinion, surely she shouldn't be hounded for having one? Or should she?

Perhaps they should totally remove the question-answer bit from beauty pageants all together. These pretty girls are meant to shut up and smile so the judges can pick which smiling dolly is the prettiest so why bother getting them to speak at all? Why pretend it is something it isn't?

What do you think?


  1. agreed!
    why pretend?
    it isn't like we are a bunch of idiot brainless people who can't see the
    truth of it all.

  2. I agree. While I'm not a fan of Ms. Prejean's beliefs on same sex marriage, she answered the question honestly. Remove the Q&A stat! I'm pretty sure they just keep it for the ackward answers. Maybe they could focus on the contestants charity work. It's a beauty contest...not a Senate race. I mean really--is there an easy way to segway from the swimsuit competition to intense questions about our relations with North Korea? Seriously.

  3. In theory Miss America is a scholarship program, but in reality its a popularity contest for the girl that has managed to get the best "work done".

    I think that this was a loaded question and the Perez Hilton was pushing his own agenda which was completely unfair. Whether or not her opinion met his own she did answer in a way that made her sound like she couldn't put her thoughts together cohesively but since her answer wasn't what Perez was looking for he blew things completely out of proportion and was a creep about the whole thing.

    I have participated behind the scenes of several "scholarship programs" aka beauty contests and yes presenting yourself in the best way possible is important but so is making sure you are eloquent and able to think on your feet even if they are in 6 inch heels.

  4. If it was wrong for her to answer a question put to her, why was it not wrong for the questioner (Perez Hilton) to ask it?

    Or should she have lied and been politically correct?


  5. I don't have a problem with the fact that this chick has an opinion and shared it, I have a problem with her acting like she's being persecuted. She made the choice to be in the public spotlight, and part of that entails having everything you say scrutinized. If you can't deal with people questioning your beliefs you shouldn't be broadcasting them on a public forum.

    And I do feel like it's important for people to know these ladies' stances on issues like this. I'm not too familiar with beauty pageants, but don't judges vote for who they want to win? If they want to base their criteria on things like personal belief, that's their prerogative. These chicks get asked to do things like ride around on floats and show up at fund raising events. If their personal beliefs could conflict with their job, the people hiring them should get to ask some questions and get some honest answers. I don't think Carrie Prejean would have been capable of satisfactorily carrying out a task like riding a float in a gay pride parade.

    If she had been something like a white supremacist, very few would be arguing that she has a right to air her opinions without consequences.

  6. Ugh these competitions should really cease to exist. It makes me sick! :(

  7. I don't agree with this woman's views, but it is pretty horrible that she has been made out to be a complete rightwing nut and that she was stipped off her crown and fancy sash, (oh please, I hate pagents),because of them...She could have lied and then we would have even less respect for her. She is now sueing the director or the pagent, and I hope she has a case that she can win.