Monday, June 15, 2009

Let me tell you a joke.

Alli & Me aged 15 in Noumea, roomates at the dorkiest hotel in New Caledonia.

So on Friday the oncologist rings my best friend.

The Dr says: We got the latest PET scan results and I'm not really sure what we can do for you so I'm going to ring another doctor. He is older than me so he might have some ideas. Before our next meeting, see if you can find anything on google as well.

verbatim. No I am not joking.

So we had a little laugh.

What else does one do when their oncologist recommends Dr Google? Or pulls the 'phone a friend' card because HE IS OLDER?!

Times like these... you laugh or you cry and we choose to laugh. Hysterically. It's what we've done since we were 14 see photo above and it is what we will keep on doing through this hilariously funny episode known as Alli's cancer shmancer.

So far through all her surgeries and chemo days and crazy days catching wee in a cup and dodging spew on my collar I have been able to put a funny spin on things and my best friend and I have continued to giggle.

On the odd chance that I run out of material Alli has found us a very funny excursion in a few weeks time. It is sure to give us and you (because how could I not share with my blog?) a very big chuckle.

We are going to a Laughter Yoga session. Yes, a laughter yoga session. What's so funny about yoga? Well aside from the fact I hate yoga with a passion (except in the context of my high maintenance preschool list) and the fact that I'm actually doing it is pretty funny, this is not a normal yoga session. This is a wacky kind of yoga designed to make you laugh. You can read all about it here.

I'm imagining ladies with hairy armpits and orange headbands and men in pastel lycra. We are expecting the participants to be funnier than the activity itself and if our predictions are right then I'll be back here with some funny takes for you as well.

When was the last time you had a really big proper belly laugh?


  1. That's a gorgeous photo of you both, love!

    I still think the Doctor is an idiot. xox

  2. In that pic I look like I am seeing the doctor about a sore throat. 15, goofing around! It was taken in Noumea on our French class trip.

  3. lmao, i have a similar photo of an old school friend, consequently also taken in Noumea on a class trip!

    I kid you not.

    Hugs, Love and laughter to you both

  4. I think it looks like you're both having a brilliant time! Both yours and Alli's eyes look really happy!

  5. Lovely photos- Iknow what you're going through as I lost one of my best friends much too young to breast cancer a couple of years ago.

    Sometimes laughing is all you can do- look forward to finding out how it went!

  6. I've done a laughing yoga class with my mothers group and I have never felt like such a spastic in my entire life.

    Your Alli has amazing strength. You both look great in this shot!

  7. C - you are an amazing and genuine friend. And I love your attitude to tackling Alli's cancer. And of course I have already voted for her :)

  8. I'm excited to hear about this! I think this sounds like a blast- good luck!

  9. Lol this has got to be the funniest joke ever...did he ever call back with the answer from his much older doctor friend?

  10. Wow, you know Dr Google is a reputable resource when an oncologist suggests looking there... jeez! Seriously though, perhaps if you tell us what we need to look for then one/some of us might be able to look up medical journals?
    I'm sad to say I haven't had a belly laugh in quite a while... I have laughed but not that uncontrollable belly laugh.

  11. oh she's an amazing to girl to still be laughing! just voted for her in the marie claire thingo but forgot to pay attention to the other categories! oops

    you definitely need to make the trip over spit bridge to obaibi! I did another trip today because I didn't give it justice in 1 trip but justified it as I have 3 little children to outfit!


  12. Given a choice between laughing and crying, always laugh. You give the best advice.