Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I took this picture yesterday. That's my Tinker on the left and her BFF on the right with Nanny. The girls had the most wonderful time at the Playschool concert. They sat on the table together, hugged, kissed, danced and sung together. It was adorable.

This is such a sweet little age for the best friends, they have had playdates since birth and they have always enjoyed being friends but now they are older it is so sweet to see them loving each other. They do swimming together on Saturdays and poor Tinker has been a bit sad because her BFF has been sick for the past two weeks. It is so sweet they way she misses her and asks all weekend about her.

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately that mention the 365 day photo challenge where you take a photo each day for your blog. I'm not sure I can do it every day but it might be nice to post one each Tuesday. Is that boring? Let me know.

We are heading out early this morning so I'll take the camera and see what I can come up with for you. I see that so many bloggers are really talented photographers. I'm not one of them so you'll have to bear with me.

Have a great morning, I'll be back this afternoon.


  1. I think a photo every Tuesday would be very interesting, and a great way for you to see how much more adorable Tinker gets each week. :)

  2. what a good idea. i might do that too.

  3. That sounds like fun. I love Tinker's dress in this one.

    *and I think you take lovely pictures :)

  4. Ha ha! U could at least have taken a picture Tinker's face! I am sure that you are a better photographer than my husband. Oh! He takes ridiculous pictures. Most often, the subject will be in one corner. When he asks for the camera these days, I make excuses!

  5. LOl @ Butterfly your poor hubby I feel sorry for him and his bad photos! I only post pictures of my little Tinker if they don't show her face because I have this thing about pimping her image for the good of my blog. It just seems wrong to me. As beautiful as she is, I just feel like it is wrong for me to plaster her face on the internet without her permission you know? I guess it sounds crazy!