Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Simple (sometimes sticky) Things

Here is my little Tinker in the sweet little knitted woollen hat, top and pants I bought at the craft store in Bowral on Sunday. I adore handknitted things especially paired with something really dressy. A little handknitted piece always adds a bit of love to an stylish store bought outfit. I couldn't resist decking her out head to toe in this pink woollen outfit. It is her "leisure suit" to rival my "not to be worn out of the house" velour leisure suit. Stop snickering. I swear, I haven't left the house in it. Ok fine I did go to the letterbox but never over the boundary line.

Yes she is playing with some sticky masking tape. It is a thrilling and complex game. Have I mentioned my child is a genius? I tear off bits of tape and stick them on her and she laughs herself silly as she takes them all off one by one. Then she says "again?" and we repeat the process a few dozen times.

What are the simple things that amuse your little one?

Tinker always loves a peg from the washing line or a key ring full of keys. An iPod or a mobile phone is a sure thing but nothing beats the plastic container drawer. She will amuse herself for ages pulling out the boxes, taking off the lids and then rearranging the cupboards.

My shoes will keep her happy for about 10 minutes. First she goes to the shoe cupboard and chooses a pair. Always a pair she never mixes. Then she takes 5 mins getting them on and then she proudly walks through the house in them clonk clonk clonk. Here she is tonight in some sensible flats:

She also loves a pad of Post-it notes and nothing beats freshly pressed and/or folded washing. There is something magnetic about neatness that draws her in. She must find it, and mess it all up. It is as though she is under a trance. Neatly folded pile of fitted sheets? Perfect.

She tires of proper toys quite quickly but these simple things always amuse her. So I'd love to know what your little ones love when it comes to simple things. I'd like some new ideas for the Tinks.


  1. My kids love magazines. After I'm finished with one, and before I recycle it, I let my kids (ages 1&2) have at. They turn the pages, tear the pages, crumple the pages and color on the pages. Then, the delightedly help me gather the papers up and deposit in the recycle can.

  2. How about a bowl of dried beans or pasta? Sometimes I put them in a transparent bowl with a lid and give my girls homemade maracas; sometimes I let the younger one (close to your Tink's age) just go digging through. Also, a sink full of water and more of those plastic bowls. That's good for at least 20 minutes - and if you do that right before bath you don't regret the wet, and your job is already half done.

  3. Tinker's Red hair is so vibrant I LOVE it. I was hoping that the gene would have caught my little one but no such luck.

    Mazie loves to play with the same thing as Tinker but she also adores a little feather boa her Auntie bought her. She loves to wear necklaces and carry around my purse. She has her own but mine has more fun stuff in it apparently.

    Love your blog!

  4. My kids will spend DAYS even WEEKS playing with boxes. When we get packages shipped to us the first question they ask is "can we have the box?" They couldn't care less about what the actual contents are, they just know that the box itself is a great toy!

  5. Tinker looks cuter in her pink Handknit leisure suit no where are the pictures of you in yours :-)

    I think toddlers aim to create as much mess as possible. I am sure I read in the toddler mission statement. It is in the same section as the "If you liked it yesterday, you must not like it today but once mum has put it away you want it now" decree.

  6. E loves this tupperware box of beads I have. They're from a neckalce that broke. And she loves taking them out of the box. Then slowly putting them back in. Then starting allover again.

    And moisturiser. She loves that stuff and could dab away at her legs, arms, any body part really for about 20 minutes (a long time in 2 year old land).

  7. My son loves post-it notes. Taking them apart, crumpling them up, getting them stuck on his fingers. Especially the accordian-style post-it notes. Those are truly fun!

  8. Aurelia loves a good piece of bubble wrap - gets her every time - oh and a balloon - she'll kick it and bounce it and chase it squealing for ages which is lucky since they are light to pack. Love Tinker in Louis Vuitton

  9. first off, that picture of her walking down the hall is ADORABLE! and those shoes, i want a pair...tell me where they came from?

    empty boxes and baskets are a hit here and always filled with random things around the house immediately by my two year old!

  10. Heather, Chelley is right they are LV denim and snake flats.
    I would never have thought of putting plastic containers ina sink of water that is gold, thank you!
    The pasta in the tupperware container is also good but I'll have to find really huge bits of pasta. At 13 months my daughter swallowed a $2 coin and had to have it surgically removed so can't handle anything small enough to swallow. Ever. Not even for a second!