Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Snapshot- Edamame?

See that thrilling bowl of culinary geniusness? That was my dinner tonight. Yep. A large bowl of soy beans also known as Edamame. Nice. Well, not really. I ate my beans begrudgingly.

Want to know why? Because my house smells like a fart. Yep. It really does and it's not even slightly funny.

It all started with me thinking that because tonight is our second evening on our new healthy eating plan, that I should go to a little bit of trouble with dinner. So I decided to cook this here. Only I was roasting the whole chicken not the Maryland pieces and I substituted the potatoes for grilled capsicum. I was feeling particularly wholesome and stepfordy when I bought a fancy organic, corn fed chicken from the overpriced fancypants meat shop this afternoon.

I lost my cooking mojo when I became a mum. I used to really enjoy cooking but these days it is a chore so I even surprised myself when I was looking forward to making a nice dinner tonight. I was almost smug as I thought about my fabulous stepfordness. Until I got home.

I opened up the packet that the chicken came in and almost immediately I was overcome with a very very bad smell that would make Rotorua seem like a bottle of SJP's perfume. Tinker, my helpful assistant said "fluffy?" (this is what we call a fart) and I said no, no fluffies. "Melly poo?" No, no smelly poos either my darling. That is the smell of $30 wasted and the real death of my cooking mojo. So we wrapped the chicken into two of her nappy bags to contain the scent and we threw it out.

Not long after that my husband called to say he wouldn't be home for hours and had eaten dinner at work. So that is how I came to settle for a bowl of edamame. I was so exhausted after Tinker's bedtime tantrums and so cross about the chicken that I went for the beans. hmmf.

So that is the first of my Tuesday Snapshot posts. I will take a random photo every Tuesday and post it here to show you something remotely interesting about my day. I can't guarantee it will get any more interesting than a bowl of beans but I'll try my best.


  1. Oh I hate when that happens- but think of the upside, at least with such a light dinner you can have a more indulgent food day tomorrow!

  2. Sorry to hear dinner went bad, but if it helps any I had some watermelon and a side of yogurt for dinner. Sad to say we both starved..lol

  3. Funny.., but I'm sorry for your "lost" dinner.

  4. Take the chicken back! That's ridiculous.

    OK, so now I'm intrigued with Edamame. How do you cook them, and are they nice?

  5. Here you go Amanda: http://www.wikihow.com/Cook-Edamame

    I just boil in salty water, drain and pop out the yummy beans, leaving the shells!

    I can't take the chicken back, it was so stinky I had to throw it away immediately. Hmmf.

  6. Fishy Fish I love how you managed to make your dinner sound nice "a side of yogurt" Love that!

  7. Mmmm.. I love Edamame! It's my diet staple :D ... however if I'd been in your position I wouldn't have been too happy about eating them, either! xx

  8. Oh, you should still complain about the chicken! I love edamame, though. Nom nom nom...

  9. Oh dear, I feel bad for your over the lost chicken - did you say $30?? Holy Chicken! However, am laughing at Tinker's comments. Fluffy and Melly poo. Lol. Sounds like a couple of cats!

  10. I am addicted to edamame but usually buy it at sushi train for $4 for a {very} small serve. I have been searching for edamame all over Sydney and can't seem to find it in any asian stores. Do you mind telling me where you get yours? I am East-side but work North-side so I am hoping against hope your 'dealer' is somewhere close to either of my general stomping ground!

  11. Hannah, you are funny. Ok my "dealers" are:
    Tokyo Mart (Northbridge)
    The Asian grocery store near the new Coles in the new bit of The Chase.
    PK Supermarket on Penshurst St near the Persian stores.
    Now, I used to live East and I would buy it at the Asian supermarkets in Bondi Junction you know near where Simone Logue was? Now, I reckon you could try that one in the WBJ next to Leichardt whatsy fruit store. Have you tried there?