Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tag! You're it!

Telle from Fat Mum Slim tagged me here with this fun photo post.

It's really simple. I love how every photo tells a story. Some short stories, some long tales. I want to know what is your favourite photo of yourself. Everyone has one. The photo they look at and smile. It reminds them of something, some time, some place. A moment in time.So share the photo, share the story and then tag three other people. I want to see photos and stories all around the blogosphere.

So I had a really good think and my very favourite photos of myself are ones with other people in them, the most wonderful one is the one my husband took with his Blackberry the moment my daughter was handed to me. Since I don't want her face on the web I have this instead.

Like Telle, I chose a picture of me from our honeymoon.

This was taken just after the sun had set. We were having cocktails by the beach and everything was fairy-tale perfect. This photo was taken here. It really was heaven on earth.

When we came home, we found out that I fell pregnant on our honeymoon, so while I don't want my daughter's face on my blog you might see a certain sparkle in my eyes here and I like to think it is the little Tinker.

Now I have to tag 3 more people. All they need to do is copy and paste the writing that is in bold as well as the polaroid above onto their blog, and then select three other people/blogs to tag.

Gee You're Brave
All Things Lovely
Life As A Goff

I have chosen 3 gorgeous Aussie girls for this one!


  1. This is one of very few forward tag blogs entries that I actually like.

    How is it coming with getting your blog converted onto the domain address you bought? Best of luck!

  2. Great photo of you! I found you thru VEG and love the posts.

  3. That is a beautiful photo. Really peaceful.

    Thanks for playing along. x

  4. How gorgeous are you? I think all the pics from my honeymoon have that same dreamy expression...good times

  5. Great photo - I love honeymoon shots. In everyone of mine, Z and I looked absolutely high on love - and so so YOUNG (23!).

    You look so much like this friend of mine too - it's scary!

  6. love the photo and i can see that sparkle for sure!! and i even knew you were pregnant before you!!! haha, i will never forget that.

    will get on to it asap.