Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tandoori Oven- Been lately?

image credit snappermedia

See Lilo's right wrist, the ring where she must have had her slogan band aka gel bracelet when she was having her spray tan done? We all know Lilo is a fan of the old spray tan. Like her I have the white as milk skin that never tans in the sun. It burns and then freckles appear. If I'm lucky some of the freckles will migrate and join up with other freckles til I have a patch of skin that might, at the right angle look tanned.

Have I mentioned how good I look in a swimsuit? Oh so good so much white so many wobbles. This is another reason I'd totally fit in in Saudi Arabia. I'd really get my money's worth out of the abaya. Anyway, seeing Lilo and her wrist reminded me of my single days.

Back at law school when I had a part time job and I lived with my parents. I had money to flutter away on all sorts of (mostly appearance related) things. For quite some time I was quite the chicken tikka spray tan addict. Yep, I looked like a beacon. Orange and flashy. In fact lighthouses had me on speed-dial. If there was a power failure they'd use me to guide the ships in at night. I loved my St Tropez tan. I would go to bed covered in the muddy goo, smelling distinctly like soy sauce. God knows what I was thinking, because looking back at photos tonight has had me in stitches.

You know how people say "I've learnt to embrace my" *insert fault*? Well, while I do not embrace my post baby bulge that I can't budge I don't really mind my snow white skin. It's taken me 20 odd years but I think I kinda like it now and I don't think I'll ever need to worry about the Lilo wrist or even worse the orange knuckles again. And anyway who wants to pay to smell like soy sauce when they have a toddler who'll gladly tip half a bottle on for free?

What are your thoughts on the spray tan- yay or nay?


  1. I was born with tanned skin, so I can't say yay or nay personally.

    My boyfriend has some Turkish blood in him and can't tan for the life of him. We go out and I will get darker, he will just burn, peel, and be pasty white again.

    I think that everyone should just cherish the skin they have. I happen to think women who have really fair skin tend to look like they are porcelain dolls. (It's a compliment)

  2. NAY
    I am just like you...milky white skin.
    I actually have only tried that self tanning lotion once. It didn't work and I never tried again. I tried the tanning bed once and it gave me some sort of allergic itch! Miserable!

    I embraced my ghost white appearance at a young age and to be honest, I think it's quite healthy and lovely.

  3. I find this post amusing. I came from Asia and people there love to be fair-skinned so they spend so much on bleaching cream, bleaching soap, bleaching astringent, etc. When I arrived here in California, I felt so relieved that my color is in vogue and that I don't have to spend tons of money just to have that lovely tan glow. But to answer the question - no to tan spray. We don't know the side effects yet so not worth risking your skin to cancer or premature aging.

  4. I am another with white skin. I have also learnt to love it... spray tans are just so orange.

  5. I love my English rose complexion, i am so white i could be used as a light source for half the town !
    The sparytan makes me look orange, and if i stand beside my beautiful olive skinned husband, i look like an idiot !

  6. iv done the fake tan twice and i end up looking nicely brown but it just doesnt match. being a redhead im a burner, blister, peeler then i freckle. i too have patches [my shoulders] where the freckles have migrated together to form a nice brown area - though you can still tell its freckles lol.

  7. Ah yes! I had a bad spray tan in 2004, Hubby still occasionally calls me oompa (as in oompa loompa, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). I had another one last year, it took me 4 years to get over the last one, and it was much better. I went for a ‘light’ colour and it didn’t turn out orange.

  8. I vote "nay" too.

    I've tried spray tan twice, and each time suffered a terrible migraine the following day (i.e. the day of the event for which I'd been tanned). So for my own wedding, and since, I rock the lilywhite.

    My husband is half Italian, so tans as easily as bread in the toaster: a few short minutes and he's golden and delicious... ;-)

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  10. NAY, I have milky white skin too with a touch of raven colored hair. The sun just burns me to bits. I now like my complextion, but still wish I could get all golden, just for a day, but without the spary tan or any horrible lotion.

  11. For me, I am anti fake tan. I have had one spay tan (which was ok after a day, but then gross after a couple more), and tried many fake tans years ago with mainly bad results.

    I have always been incredibly pale. My poor mother had people ask her is there was anything wrong with me when I was a baby as I was almost see-thru.

    I am with you C. There are so many things about my body I would change, but I decided a few years ago now that I am fine being pale. It sometimes limits the colours I can wear but hey. I can deal with it.

  12. I love my porcelain skin :D ... it's taken a long time, but I like it now.

  13. Spray tan, no. I do use Jergen's Natural Glow lotion(not sure if it's available in Aus?) and like the results. It gives you a gradual tan by applying it every day. Subtle..not orangey. I'm pretty easy to please!