Monday, June 29, 2009

What's new kitty cat?

Thought I should do another little catch up post for anyone who is remotely interested!

Just like your garden variety nutjob, I am asking myself some questions. You know what they say about talking to yourself...

1.What have you bought lately?

Not a great deal because we are on an economy drive at our house trying to save up for the big garden renovation which I will tell you all about soon. I did manage to grab a few bargains on Saturday at Kirribilli Markets. For the little Tinker I bought this sweet lilac cardigan, handknitted from alpaca wool. Isn't it gorgeous? It only cost me $36.50. I love a bargain.

2. What's on the menu?

Well the other day Stella McCartney tweeted about Meat Free Mondays and I think this is going to be something we will do in our house from now on. My husband and I are both fatter versions of our former selves and today we began our healthy new eating plan to lose some weight. I think Meat Free Mondays will assist in that. I promise to keep you updated (bored) about our new diet as it progresses... if it progresses! I'm not great at sticking to new regimes so don't hold your breath.

Tonight's dinner is this hearty vegetable and lentil soup that works out at $1.25AU per serve!

3. What are you reading?

No books at the moment, no time! Two of my friends are now bloggers so I am enjoying reading their posts. I thought I might share the links with you. It's funny because the nature of their blogs couldn't be more different. Both fabulous mummy bloggers, I think the subject matter will appeal to my lovely readers:

Apathetic Housewife

Super Organizer

4. What's new with Stepford Dreams?

Some of you have noticed I now have the site. Not sure if it makes any difference to anything but it sounds cool doesn't it?

Also I'm very excited about our Monday giveaways, so far they have been really fabulous and I'm pleased to say we have lots more scheduled.

If you have an interesting product you think other Stepford Dreams readers would love to hear about, please shoot me an email!

5. What's the Tinker been up to lately?

She is now 18 months old and every bit the tinker. She is incredibly cheeky and ever so beautiful. She really amazes me with her memory and her sense of humour.

I can't help but compare her to other children sometimes and I often feel so lucky to have such a bright and engaging girl. She has always been that way, never one to stare off blankly like a lump of child.

Even as a tiny baby she would really engage with people. Now that she is such a fabulous talker it is even more apparent how clever and complex she is.

Here she is looking up at the navy helicopters that fly over our us all the time. She was saying "Touch heycopter mama? Nooo! Too high ha ha. Touch? Nooo, silly!"

I have just enrolled her in Mandarin classes and I'm awfully excited about it. Learning languages is something I have always loved and I hope it is something my little Tinker enjoys.

The classes are held in a playgroup type format for parents and children and run for an hour and a half with painting, songs and stories. 90% of the session is in Mandarin and they are designed for children and parents who do not speak Mandarin at home. I'm so looking forward to it. We will do a trial session first to see if she likes it and of course I'll share our progress on the blog.

She had her 18 month vaccinations this morning and she was so brave because I bribed her with a jelly bean. It worked. I'm off to wake her up now because we are going to see the Playschool show live in concert with her BFF and her mummy. A fun play date. I will pack the camera!

See you later!


  1. Tinker is adorable!!Love the cardie

  2. Just curious about those language classes SD. Am a bit of a language nut myself and I would love E to do a language class. But I wonder just how much use it would since no-one in her household speaks Mandarin (or anyone else close to her for that matter)? I always thought it would be pretty tough for them to actually learn a language if they had nobody outside of class to use it with.

  3. P23 I think it is really just an intro to Mandarin, so the parent who accompanies the child learns the same things so you can sing the songs and say the nursery rhymes etc at home with your little one. Because I started learning languages very young, I'm all for getting her brain around it early. I don't think it matters which language it is, just good for the brain to juggle more than one vocab. I will give you the class info now.x

  4. How fun! You hear about swimming classes and art classes and music classes, I had no idea that there were language classes for toddlers. I think that's absolutely brilliant. Will have to check into that around Oxford.

  5. What a novel idea. Sounds terrific.

  6. I love the idea of meat-free Mondays, especially when you can find delicious (and reasonable) substitutions like lentil soup. Good luck!

  7. How lovely! I hope you'll do more of these little quizzes. I enjoy reading them. Perhaps you could do one every Monday, followed by your picture of Miss Tinker every Tuesday (which I think is a fabulous idea btw!).

    Looking forward to checking out your friends blogs too.

    Have a great day. xx

  8. I enjoy your blog. They say doing without meat is good for the environment too!