Friday, June 5, 2009

Fast Friday Funny - Don't touch the hair!

TGIF and not just any Friday. For us it is a long weekend. We are heading down to Bowral for the Cool Flavours weekend for a catch up with some great girlfriends of mine. It will be f-f-freezing down there so I'll enjoy rugging the little Tinker up in her winter woollies and hiding my not-yummy mummy body under a million layers. Have I mentioned how much I love the cold months?

Speaking of wintry weather, does anyone else hate it when they blow dry their hair on a windy day and the breeze blows the hair into your lipgloss which then gets smeared across your face? Pet hate of mine. Right after trying to eat noodles with my hair out. I always end up with soup in my hair.... well well well do not fear dear readers. The good folk in Japan at the crazy invention factory have the latter problem all sorted.

Here it is people, the gadget that protects your great blow dry from your hot soup, what more could you want?

Tinker and I are about to draw the winner of the giveaway now so stay tuned to see if you have won! Oh and it looks like we will have another fabulous giveaway next week as well so be sure to check back here for details. Is anyone else up to something special this weekend? Or maybe something not so special that you want to rant about?


  1. Haha we used to have something like that that we would put around our head when mum was washing the shampoo out of our hair, would keep the water out of your eyes.
    I loved that thing :)

  2. Just what I need - a rubber ring to cut off my circulation while I eat, to keep me from sneaking in any extra calories.

  3. Hahaha! A great funny friday!

    Your weekend plans sound lovely! I too love the winter weather. This weekend I'm going to devote some time to devouring my magazine stack in search of inspiration for my blog series ;)

    Have a good one Carolyn. xx

  4. And it can double as a Halloween costume! Wear a green outfit, and you'll look like a daisy.

  5. When I read this I thought you were drunk or something because you were talking about cold weather... Then I remembered you live in Australia. Wow. I feel so Americanized right now, it's quite sad.