Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ta-daaa Here Is Your Prize!

Or not.

I don't know if it is just me, but does anyone else find some competitions really tedious?

Often I read about a prize or a giveaway in a magazine and think I might like to win that but when I read the hoops I have to jump through I think nah bugger that I can't be bothered.

Or I think gee that isn't even such a good prize, in fact you should be paying me to take it off your hands not asking me to click here, read that, go back, follow this write this and all under 25 words while standing on my head and sending in 3 barcodes.

Like the other day I was buying some pasta and I saw the sign that said free sauce with every packet of pasta. You had to buy the pasta and sauce and then claim the money back later. Ok so I bought two stupid packets of pasta and 2 sauces only to find they not only want the barcodes and the receipts but I have to register online AND send in the paperwork. For a jar of sauce?!

Or those bloggers who say you have to be a follower of my blog, write a post about my giveaway, check out this website, click here, tell me in 25 words or less why you like it and then I will put your name into a hat and if you win I'll give you this crappy t-shirt that I spent 2 minutes embroidering. Oh and you have to be a U.S resident as well. What's with that? Are your tshirts that good?

I like prizes that are fun and easy to get so take this as a promise from me now that I'll never run an annoying giveaway on this blog. Now I want you to copy and paste this and send it to 1000 people, tell me in 25 words or less how clever and funny I am AND name your first child after me. OK?


  1. LOL I just did that sent in the receipt thing for buying 2 bottles of Estancia wine and get $4 back. Haven't gotten the money yet, but at least I got to drink the wine (and it's really really good!)

  2. That is post of the day I believe! Right there! :)

  3. Agreed, I often think yeah would love to win that, clothes, money to buy clothes at Witchery etc. But what a hastle to fill out all the stuff to win. I then don't bother, hense never win anything.
    Great post, thanks!

  4. Yes I was considering that with the cup of soup competion you have to buy FIVE packs of cup of soups and send the original reciept and barcodes to recieve wait for it a personalised mug. I think it would be far eaiser going to a ceramic class and making my own.

  5. My DH is always telling me that there is no such thing as a free lunck aka Tinstafl. I think that applies to most rebate/giveaways. (Not your's of course ;-) but maybe I say that because I have won! ) but I too have been sucked into the rebate thing... My favorite one that works the best are "beer coupons" - although I do not drink. AT ALL. In the state of Utah because of our strange liquor laws you can get the rebate without actually having to purchase the beer... finding these rebate coupons are like snipe hunting, they are so scarce you begin to belive they do not exist. BUT if you can find them, you fill out a little piece of paper and the Beer companies send you a rebate check for party platers, deli things, so essentailly you can get FREE Food well minus the cost of the stamp... Tinstafl.