Friday, June 19, 2009

Fast Friday Funny - Train talk

One thing I do not miss about working in the CBD is having to take public transport every day. While nobody wants to be sardine packed into the back of an overweight sweaty McDonalds Coffee drinking loser from the photocopy room for 20 minutes, there are some good things about Sydney's trains.

Alright I exaggerated. There is only one thing. Listening to other people's really silly conversations. I love a good eavesdrop, In fact I was disappointed we bought the swankiest baby monitor on the block because I was secretly looking forward to picking up on my neighbours phone calls via the cheap monitor feedback.

For anyone who follows me Twitter you'd know I had an interesting start to my day on Wednesday when I had to go the ER at the Sydney Eye Hospital. That place is medieval, half an hour there would make for an entire blog of horror stories but this is meant to be a Fast Friday Funny so I won't go there now. Anyway I caught the train there. Again, let's not go there. A train ride to the ER? No taxis and I couldn't drive because of my eye situation.

Anyhoo the point of the worlds most longwinded blog intro is that MX magazine publishes a column of commuters' funny eavesdropping tales and here are a few I thought might give you a giggle this morning.

Girl: "I'm going to get a nose job"

Boy: "Why?"

Girl: "So my children won't get a big nose"
Boy: "Isn't it in your genes??


Girl on phone: "She's like, such a loser. I can't believe she forgot your birthday. OK, so it wasn't actually your birthday that day, but still."


Guy to friend: Don't listen to him, he;s a telepathical liar."


Girl reading MX: "Why is he on the front page?"

Friend: "because he is famous"

Girl: "Who is he?"

Friend: "Dunno."

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